How to Make the Most Riveting Biography Possible

"I hope you live a life you're proud of."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

If there was a biography written about me, I wonder what it would say. Would it be interesting enough to publish?  Will anyone actually be willing to spend money to read about my life?  I would be curious to know who actually would be interested in reading it. Would this book be a New York Times Bestseller or found mostly in the clearance section of used book stores?

What kind of person would it portray me to be?  Will it say that I always did what I thought was right?  Did I try my hardest no matter what?  Did I stare in the face of evil and smile?  After people finished the book, would people say, “That guy lived a damn good life?”  Would it have enough adventure to make Indiana Jones jealous?  Would it have an epic love story that people would read at weddings for centuries?  Will it be filled with charm, hard learned lessons, and a happy ending? 

What kind of legacy did I leave behind?  Did I bestow honor upon my family and all future generations?  Did I make a significant mark in history?  Will people look to my story for inspiration?  I’d like to think that I would be known for making a positive impact on people (my family, friends, and everyone I interact with), but who knows?  Every day I try to live an exemplary life, especially with the obstacles and curve balls that get thrown at me. 

The only way to ensure that my biography is the most adventurous, enlightening, and inspiring story ever read is to make it that way…now.

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