All After Flipping Through a Travel Magazine (a poem)

I'm tired of being only where I can see!
This world has more than my mind can grasp of reality.
Sometimes I'm ashamed of what I know,
Of all the infinite illustrious wonders around
and all the possibilities that surround.
There is more I want to discover.

I have seen so much,
yet there is so much more I haven't.
There is so much I know I want to see
and so much more I don't yet know I want to see.
And there will be much more to come.
With all my time I can't possibly see it all.

There are more people to meet
More friends to make and
more friends to make family.

I want to experience something new,
to appreciate something really eye-opening,
and feel the freshness of here and now.
I want to see more, do more, and be more.

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