On the Inauguration of the President (a poem by Chris Kirkpatrick)

January 21st, 2013

Now calls us into action,
                                            reminding us
In its immediacy,
                                the very moment

Prodding us to leave a legacy
Worth leaving for our children,

For our grand children—
                                              The countless
Unborn lives we work for now.

The future calls us. 
                                    We hear
Her voice,
                    far off In the distance

                beaconing us onward.
Oh, let each and every breath

Be now. 
                Let every word be now
That leaves our lips be now

And now forever now—
And damn all else that cries

Out for mañana! 
Has no foothold on today!

Chris Kirkpatrick is the author of two books of poetry, Learning to See from the Blind and Mixed Metaphors and is currently working on his third.

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