Never Underestimate the Creative Power of Legos

The Toy Story Lego display.
This past weekend, my family and I went to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA to leisurely spend the day strolling in the sunshine.  When we passed by the Lego Store, I was amazed at the displays created by only using Legos. 

As a little kid, I loved playing with Legos.  I loved putting together the different pieces of various sizes, forms, and colors.  It stretched my imagination to create something cool by just using these little plastic building blocks.  By playing with them, I developed my spatial skills which are essential if I wanted to be an engineer or an architect.

Looking at the Toy Story, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Best displays, I couldn't help but admire the thought, skill, and artistry put into them.  These were enormous structures that instilled a sense of awe in me.  They actually made me want to go play with Legos (their marketing strategy almost worked with me), but they also inspired me by the way the sculptures were crafted; simply using a children's toy.

Malificent from Sleeping Beauty breathes fire on top of the Lego Store in Downtown Disney.
The Beauty and the Beast display greets the guests at Downtown Disney.

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