Fact (a poem by Chris Kirkpatrick)

I measure myself by my own measure,
                                                                     and what I measure
I find to be supreme and perfect.  
                                                             Keep your standards and rubrics. 
Keep your expectations,
                                             your requirements. 
                                                                                 What I give I offer
              What I take I filter through myself. 
                                                                              What pride I have is knowing
That I know myself,
                                    and in that know that nothing is more me than I am.  
I am confident that you are the best you there is,
                                                                                         and I am the best I
And that we are separate and equal and different and essential to everything: 
Necessary cogs in the grand scheme of things ever moving.

Chris Kirkpatrick is the author of two books of poetry, Learning to See from the Blind and Mixed Metaphors and is currently working on his third.

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