Dear Friend: "Relax. Stress is a Poison."

Dear Friend,

Relax. It's okay. Now is the time to let your mind breathe. This is the moment where you get some time away from the stresses of the 8-5 work week. Enjoy it.

Free time is meant to be savored like a fine wine or artisan coffee. It can't be relished fully in a hurry or if distracted with mental juggling. Enjoy the now by not dwelling on the past that can't be changed or worrying about the future that hasn't happened yet.

Stress is a poison that clogs your system of happiness. It prevents positive thoughts from entering your bloodstream. It makes worry, regret, and frustration keep your body from working properly.

What you need is a cleanse and rid your body of this cancer. Go do something fun. Read a book. Spend time with loved ones. Take a trip to somewhere new.

Then live in a way that prevents stress from affecting your well-being. It's impossible to avoid stress, but it is possible to suppress it to minimal levels.

Live in the moment. It's a gift. It's called the "present" for a reason.



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