Dear Friend: "Don't Give Up"

Dear Friend,

I know that you want to really give up right now, but don't.  I know that it's easier for me to say than for you to believe me, but I'm right.  Giving up isn't what you really want to do, it's just what you think you should say. 

It's what your body sometimes says when your mind and heart really want to keep going.  Sometimes it's the other way around.  Just remember that even if you feel like you want to quit, there's something inside you that won't let you give up. 

It becomes a pestering and nagging feeling, but you know it's good for you.  It's a seed of hope.  Hold on to that feeling of hope.  Never let it go; let it grow.

This is when it becomes really easy to find excuses.  They seem to be everywhere.  Excuses are reasons to quit.  Motivation is reasons to move on.  If you're going to find reasons, you might as well find positive reasons to move further.

Giving up is like throwing away your talents down the drain.  It's telling those who believe in you, "You're all wrong."  It's wasting the precious time in the present with despair instead of seizing it with courage.

Quitting is a bad habit.  It's easy to start and when you get really good at it, it's hard to stop.  It's like a snowflake that can turn into an avalanche.  Like all bad habits, the best way to stop it is to prevent it from ever happening; so don't start!

Please don't forget that your journey isn't meant to be a solitary experience.  I'm here for you and others are too.  Let me help you take the weight off your shoulders.  Know that there is support all around you.  At the worst of times, remember this the most.



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