12 Lessons Learned in 2012

  • The world isn't going to end just because people think other people said so.
  • Time is a ridiculously precious thing, especially with our loved ones.
  • Ever day is a test of character.
  • Patience is a virtue, but so is a sense of urgency.
  • Being pleasantly surprised is a humbling experience.
  • People are smarter than they pretend to be.
  • Every obstacle down the road is an opportunity for personal growth.
  • Sometimes a seed of hope is the most important thing.
  • The people in our lives that still love us after everything life throws at us are our true friends and family.
  • Every deed is done better when it's done with heart.
  • Beauty is in everything everywhere.
  • Anything can always happen.
Goodbye 2012. Thanks for the memories.

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