The Uncomfortable Conversations that Need to Happen

Yesterday morning during breakfast, I had "the uncomfortable talk" with my son.  It wasn't about the birds nor the bees, but about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, December 14th.  Even though he is only a year old, it's a conversation that needed to happen.  It's important for parents to talk to their kids about everything in the news (good or bad) and especially Friday's tragedy in Connecticut. 

As he ate his blackberries, I briefly told him what happened.  After that, I told him that there are a lot of bad things that happen in the world.  I explained to him that no matter what, mom and dad always love him, even when we're not right in front of him.  As he looked at me, I said that whenever he's afraid, just remember that God is always with him.  It was an uncomfortable conversation, but I knew it needed to happen.

Children need to know that bad things do happen and (heaven forbid) can happen to them.  They need to know that it's perfectly alright to feel scared at times and how to appropriately react to bad situations.  They also need to know that there is a lot of good people in the world.  At Sandy Hook, the students, teachers, principal, school psychologist, police, and every responder were all heroes in the face of a dark situation.

Kids need to know 24/7 that their parents love them.  They should be confident in knowing that they can talk to their parents about anything.  Since I started early, I hope my little toddler picked up on some of the things I said.

This is just one of the many necessary conversations that I'll need to have with my son throughout his life.  I know I can't fully shield him from the evils in the world, but I can arm him with as much wisdom and knowledge to give him the best life possible.

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