Ode To Storytime

This evening my wife and I took our fourteen month son to Barnes and Noble not just because we're big book nerds, but because they had a special event.  Children and their parents from all over the city came for a story time event. 

The whole store was bombarded with people.  I was afraid that my son would get trampled by the sheer amount of people walking around.  When we navigated to the back area, there were children all over the floor spread in a semicircle in front of a lady reading The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.

We sat in the back since our son can get pretty squirmy.  Surprisingly he was calm while observing everything that was happening.

Watching the event brought me back to kindergarten.  Story time was one of my favorite parts of the day.  The whole class sat in front of the teacher as she read to us a different book each day.  I still can remember being drawn into Miss Nelson is Missing, getting scared at the illustrations in Where the Wild Things Are, and being forever inspired after being read The Giving Tree.

It was at a young age I loved being read to by my parents.  Books were one of the little luxuries I was afforded.  It helped jump start my love for reading and probably helped me succeed in school, in my career, and in everything else in life. 

So as my son sat watching everything, I hope he did so with a sense of curiosity.  I want his sense of awe to be sparked and let his imagination flow.  My wish is that he develops a love of reading just as his parents do. 

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