Moment of Gratitude: Grocery Shopping

Last night something strange hit me.  As I was running a late night errand at the grocery store to pick up some eggs, I realized that I was really fortunate to be able to buy whatever my family or I need. 

Whatever we need, we are able to get.  If we need milk, juice, vegetables, or baby food, it's not a problem.  We haven't had to worry about having enough food.  We actually enjoy the luxury of having healthy food to eat.  We are lucky and blessed. 

At that moment I thought about all the people who would love to be able to walk through the grocery and pick out everything they wanted and needed without worrying about paying for it.  I know I'm privileged. 

Maybe it's because Thanksgiving was a couple weeks ago.  Or possibly since it's now December, and the spirit of the holiday season is almost in full swing.  It's a time of giving.  As a kid I was told that those who have the most have the most to give.  At that moment, I was grateful and inspired to be more of a giver.

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