How the Lights on Thoroughbred Street Make the Holidays More Awesome!

Last year my wife and I heard about this one street in Rancho Cucamonga, CA where the houses are lit up more than the Main Street Electrical Parade.  Thoroughbred Street is where people all over southern California flock  to enjoy over-the-top home lighting decorations during the December holiday season.  We didn't get to go last year, but yesterday we finally got to experience this Southern California treasure, and we were pleasantly amazed.

A majority of the street was elaborately decorated with lights, enough props to look like a Hollywood movie set, and many customized lawn installations.  Some are elegant, some are simple, and most are humorous. Walking down the street, we saw lawns decorated with Ninja Turtles, The Nightmare Before Christmas cast, the Peanuts gang, and many more.  Some residents even sold hot chocolate, tamales, and pastries on their front driveways.  It was an experience I've never encountered before, and it was so much fun that my wife and I plan on making annual visits here a holiday tradition.

For people planning to visit, get there as early as possible to avoid traffic.  Since it's in a residential area, there is no large parking lot for all the visitors.  Some streets are blocked off because of all the pedestrians.  Park as close as possible to the intersections of Sapphire Street and Thoroughbred Street as possible.  Also, dress warmly.  I wore a sweater and I still was really cold.  I suggest wearing a heavy jacket, a beanie, and gloves. 

Here are some pictures taken yesterday, but it's a lot better in person than it is on camera.


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