How I was Given the Gift of Giving

I love Christmas time.  It's a time of giving.  I try to give as much as I can whenever I can, but I try a little harder during the holidays.  It was a lesson that was instilled in me by my parents at a young age.

When I was a little kid, I loved getting presents from my family and friends.  As an only child with an extended family, I was pretty spoiled.  I got plenty of toys (I loved that), clothes (eh), and money (which I hated, since my parents put it in my college fund). 

Even as a four year old I noticed that my family gave away much more gifts than we received.  At that time, it didn't seem fair to me.  As a kid who was still learning that people should treat each other fairly, I didn't think this made any sense. 

So I told my mom what I thought.  It wasn't fair.  To me, it wasn't worth the effort to give so much yet get less in return.  My mom just simply told me, "It's better to give than to recieve." 

I didn't get it at that time, it was something to think about every year since we kept on giving.  We made goodie bags every year for all my classmates and even gave a box of wrapped chocolates to our garbage collector.  My mom's words kept ringing in my ear every time I spent long hours shopping for presents, wrapping gifts, and signing cards.

It took me many years to get it, but I finally got it.  It is much better to give than to receive.  Giving brings out the best in people and spreads joy.  Generosity spreads it like wildfire.  Charity helps those who need it.  Every day I'm learning more and more how to be generous with my money, time, patience, and the better parts of my self. 

It's a valuable lesson that I hold near and dear to my heart.  It's a lesson that I want to give to my son.  My mom is the most giving person I know and I strive to live up to her example so that it's passed on to her grandson. 

Thank you mom! :)

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