At a Glance: Hiking Through Box Springs Mountain Reserve

Although today was cloudy most of the day, it was a great day to go hiking.  It wasn't rainy.  It was just cloudy enough to keep us cool, but yet sunny enough to make it an enjoyable experience.  So my family and I went hiking in Box Springs Mountain Reserve in Riverside County. 

It was really nice out walking in nature; there is something just inherently awesome about it.  The quietness was unreal.  Being surrounded by the hills, rock formations, and the wildlife was a peaceful experience.  My wife had a great time. I also had a great time.  But I don't think that either of us had as much fun as our 14 month old son.  He wanted to touch all the plants, rocks, and especially the dirt.  He wanted to explore and experience everything. 

My wife and I want to teach our son to respect nature.  We want him to learn about the environment and the natural world we live in.  Maybe he'll grow up to be a biologist, a geologist, or maybe even an archaeologist.  Who knows where his interests will guide him.  Hopefully today we sparked it.

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