3 Simple Ways To Make Holiday Cards More Personal

It's that time of year again!  It's the winter season that is full of fun and festivities.  Along with it is the informal ritual of giving holiday cards.  It's been my experience that the rise of e-cards and social networking has been making the annual holiday card less personal.  As I work on writing and sending out my holiday cards this year, these are some tips that I keep in mind to help make them a little more special.

Make It an Actual Physical Card
Every year I get less physical cards and more electronic correspondences.  I've seen people send out a generic e-mail with an e-card containing a general message.  It typically is something like,

Season's Greetings!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 

The Rios Family

I've also witnessed people post a simple and generic, "Happy Holidays everyone!" on their Facebook status updates.  I've also gotten text messages saying, "Merry Christmas!" sent out to everyone in their phone's address book.  While there is nothing wrong with that, it's no replacement for a personal holiday card. 

E-mails, e-cards, status updates, and text messages become so prevalent that actually getting a physical paper card packs more meaning than it ever has before. 

Write a Personalized Note
This does take a little extra time, but it's totally worth it.  I try as much as I can to make each card different with a specialized messages.  I take the time and put in the effort to start of with a greeting like, "Dear Zarate Family" or "Dear Dave, Desiree, Emma, and Lucy." 

The whole message in the card is handwritten.  It's much more meaningful to the recipient than a computer printed message on a card, no matter how neat the font looks.  If I really want to make it more personal, I'll write the message in cursive (which is also becoming more rare nowadays and consequently even more special). 

Be Holiday Specific
In more recent years, it has become increasingly politically correct to say, "Happy Holidays" to everyone as a blanket greeting.  It has sort of become the one-size-fits-all greeting.  The world is full of diversity and along with that, people who celebrate various winter holidays.  Making the effort to greet someone, "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hanukkah," or "Happy Kwanzaa" shows that I took into consideration that person's background and traditions. 

These are just some ways to make a holiday greeting card more personal.  There are many more methods, just take the person/people you are writing to into consideration.

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