Why Hard Work is Always Necessary

"Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade."
- Rudyard Kipling

Whenever I get overwhelmed, frustrated, or intimidated with what life throws at me, I tell myself that all things worth doing require a lot of hard work. 

I try to remind myself that success requires effort.  People don't win games by sitting in the sidelines; they jump in the action and play hard.  As Dr. Phil said, "Life rewards action."

If I want to do well in school, I have to pay attention in class, take good notes, do all the assignments, and study hard.  In order to lose weight, I can't just wish I was lighter.  I just can't join a gym.  I need to work out, sweat, and do it consistently.  To have a nice house, car, or some fancy electronic gizmo, I need to work hard to earn and save up for it.  Without the effort, achieving any goal (small, big, simple, or complex) is not possible.

In order to have a nice garden, I have to fertilize the soil, plant the seeds, water it frequently, and do whatever it takes to make the garden flourish.  This is true with every achievement in life.

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