Why Do People Love Holding Babies?

Ever since I became a dad, I've noticed many interesting aspects of parenthood. Being a parent forced me to be more responsible, selfless, and much more sleep deprived. It's been such a joyful journey for the last year, so much that finding the right words to describe it has been my challenge for the last few days writing this article.

One really interesting part of the experience is that people really want to hold my son, especially when he was a newborn. All of my friends and relatives of all ages wanted to hold him. (They still do, but it's more of a struggle since he recently learned how to walk and wants to walk everywhere.) I don't blame them at all, he is a wonderful bundle of joy.

I myself can't get enough of holding him. I love carrying him around wherever we go. When he is asleep, there's something very moving about holding him safely and securely as he serenely slumbers. Too bad I can't do that forever. I've been told many times to enjoy these moments while I can; children grow up so quickly. I try as much as I can.

Besides my son being so amazing, (I'm obviously biased) I don't know for sure why people want to hold him so much? I can only speculate.

Perhaps babies represent new beginnings; that this little human being has all the potential in the world. They are untainted by hate, greed, or pain and has limitless possibilities.

Maybe babies signify that the world will go on. We all have seen that there is a lot of ugliness in the world and sometimes even I am weary of the future. But now that I am a dad I have to believe that the good in the world will keep on going so that my son and other children will have a wonderful world to grow old in.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm right. I just know that holding my son is one of the biggest joys I have every day.


  1. Great post Rod! :) Josiah is blessed to have an awesome daddy who loves holding him!

  2. I remember my husband calling me in a panic and driving her 30 minutes to the hospital in Philly where I worked so I could come down and nurse her.Maniežai Kūdikiams


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