Reminder to Self: Anything Can Happen at Any Moment

In one minute there are sixty seconds.  In one hour, there are 3,600.  In a whole day, there are 86,400 individual seconds that can't be retaken.  Each second is a moment of possibility when anything can happen.

I try to remind myself that regularly.  Sometimes it's daily.  Other times it's hourly.  Most of the time, it's by the minute.  When I'm enjoying time with my family, grinding at work, or meditating alone, I try my hardest to make each moment count. 

It amazes me to think that in any particular moment so much is already happening.  Right now, parents are singing lullabies to their children as they fall asleep.  College students are cramming for finals.  Somewhere in the world it is morning and the sun is barely kissing the land while the moon watches over where I sleep.  Somewhere out in the world loved ones are spending precious time together.  And all over the world, babies are being born. 

In one moment, I decided to be an educator and that changed my life drastically for the better.  It only took a moment for me to decide to stop worrying and enjoy the present.  Almost every life altering decision I made was made in a moment.

Now that I think about it, tomorrow is going to be a lot more awesome than I originally thought; it's a cluster of thousands of possibilities waiting to happen.

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