If I Was an Astronaut, My Perfect Day Would Be...(a tribute to Neil Armstrong)

If I was an astronaut, my perfect day would be like a daydream.
I’d float in the spaceship and enjoy the serenity of the universe.  With the universe as my playground, I would let my imagination run wild.  My goals would skip between the stars and taunt me to reach for them.  The sun would tell my brain to “be as bright as me” and tell my heart to “shine brighter than me.”
I would watch the world spin around its axis.  I’d like to see the world without wars, hunger, or suffering.  I’d like to see love, generosity, and gratitude swiftly spread and surround everyone on the planet.  It would be nice to watch the world come together in support for the peace and justice.  The entire planet would be so consumed with positivity that I’d be jealous I was in outer space.
I’d watch people look up wonder how I got all the way up here.  I’d find joy in knowing that somehow my life inspired others to aim higher, reach further, and dream outside the box. 
And as I end my day, I’d fall asleep happy, as happy as any astronaut could be.

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