Forgot About #Thanksgiving?

In my humble opinion, Thanksgiving doesn't get all the love it deserves.  It gets sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas and is often overlooked.  At most retailers, Christmas items and decorations are sold right after (and sometimes even during) Halloween.  Thanksgiving deserves a whole lot more recognition for its influence in American society.

Halloween gives people the opportunity to dress up in costume as whoever they would like to be.  Various theme parks have Halloween themed events during October.  There is so much interest in Halloween that there are Halloween stores that sell costumes and other related items all year round.  It seems like it's more commercially celebrated than Thanksgiving. 

The Christmas season seems to expand more and more every year.  When I was younger, my family would put up all the Christmas decorations and do all the holiday shopping after Thanksgiving.  But now, Christmas decorations and holiday sales expand further into November and even in October.

Even Black Friday is invading over Thanksgiving.  Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that unofficially starts the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  This is the first year that retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us have their "Black Friday" sales on Thursday, the actual day of Thanksgiving.  There are mixed perspectives on this.  Some people are infuriated that American commercialism has expanded into the Thanksgiving holiday.  Some see it as a way to start their holiday shopping earlier.

Some people don't even celebrate Thanksgiving because of its history.  The "first Thanksgiving" has been taught to children as a story of the Native Americans saving the American settlers joining together in a peaceful feast.  Others see it as a primary example of American colonialism. 

Regardless, I think that Thanksgiving has a significant purpose in society.  I believe that we are better off with it than without it.  It is a yearly reminder to be thankful for what we have by sharing food and our time with people that we love. 

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