"Baby" Food (and what it shows about adult eating habits)

As a parent, I want my son to have the best start in life and all the opportunities in the world.  I want him to start off on the right foot.  He was born healthy, and I want him to stay that way as long as possible.

He has never been formula fed, eats mostly organic or natural baby food, and my wife does a great job of making him freshly made meals at home. 

So far, our son has eaten much healthier than how my wife and I did when we were younger.  Like most parents, we want him to have a better life than we did.  For us, it's a daily challenge to find healthy food for our son to eat when we're out.  At restaurants, we'd like to see more healthy choices than macaroni and cheese. 

When we shop, we buy food that is as healthy as possible. We prefer foods that are made with whole wheat. For juice, we get our son only 100% juice. We avoid food overloaded with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Our son hasn't eaten any junk food, and we don't plan on feeding him any.

For some reason, the healthiest food in almost any grocery is in the baby section.  That's where it's easy to spot natural food made with whole grain wheat.  That's where 100% juice lies.  Meals and snacks contain fruits and vegetables loaded with nutrition.  It's like society only cares about people's health when they are babies; as they get older, it's more acceptable to stuff their faces with junk food. 

I'll admit, I've grown up eating a lot of fast food.  Right now I can think of my favorite fast food items for both breakfast and lunch.  For the past few years, my eating habits have been getting better because I've taken an interest in cooking and I actually am starting to like eating vegetables.  I do give in to my fast food cravings once in a blue moon.

I felt like a hypocrite because I want my son to eat healthy and stay away from junk food yet I don't hold myself to the same expectations.  As his father, I need to be a powerful role model in his life.  So because of that, I've decided to eat more "baby" food.  I've deliberately made conscious decisions to eat more vegetables, more foods made with whole grain, and less junk food.  Why should healthy food be only for babies anyway?

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