Why I Write for Nourishment Notes

Sometimes I write for me.  I write to capture my thoughts, let my feelings flow freely, and simultaneously sustain my sanity.  Oftentimes I write to give my heart peace, especially after a trying day.

But mostly, I write for everyone: for you, me, our families, friends, and everyone all around us.

I write to spread hope, love, and understanding in hopes than anyone anywhere will be positively pushed.  My words are for mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, teenagers, students of all ages, career people, and anyone who has ever had a pulse.  I write for dreamers, those who dare to dive for their dreams.  I write for people who face the future with curiosity and wonder.  This is for those who embrace the adventures of the wild world we live in. 

This is for all of you who support the Nourishment Notes movement.  We "spread goodness" in any way possible.  We spread it all around the world in various different forms.  We connect the dots between the hearts across the universe.

This is for anyone, someone, and everyone; and it's only the beginning.

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