Why Being Able to Face Rejection is Vitally Important

“'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.”
-Alfred Lord Tennyson
For about six months already, I’ve been on a house huntingadventure.  I have put in multiple offers on various properties and my last offer is currently a backup offer.  It seems that every other week I lose hope and then regain it again for another seven days.  Part of me wants to give up and rent for the rest of my life, but the other part of me really wants to find a house to raise my family in.  Fortunately, the majority of me is determined to endure the adventure and find a place to call “home”, even if it means having to face more rejection and heartbreak.
Last week a former student of mine (I teach English) told me how her dream is to go to Yale for college, but doesn’t want to apply because she doesn’t think she’ll get in.  I can honestly say that she is remarkably brilliant and I think she has a great chance of being accepted.  I told her that she should apply and then see what happens; not applying guarantees that she will not get accepted.  I truly hope that she does end up applying (and get accepted!).
Being able to take risks is an essential life skill for success.  Having the courage to “go for it” even in the face of rejection is necessary to achieve almost any goal.  It is as if people's quality of life is influenced by this ability.  I need to put in offers to get a house just like my student needs to apply to Yale to get in.  People currently in strong romantic relationships had to face the possibility of rejection at some point.  Back when I used to work in sales, I heard, “No” 75-80 times before I heard a “Yes!”  When I got my current job, I applied to over 200 open positions.  Even though I received dozens of rejections, it was worth it (I love my job).  Anyone who dares to dream big needs to also be able to face the dragon of rejection with an armor of hope.

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