Splishy Splashy (a poem by Gabriela López de Dennis)

The rain woke me up this morning with its splishy splashy,
crashing droplets sliding down my window, trying desperately to get my attention.
To bring me down with it so I too may fall in liquid limber.
My dreams dwindled to nothing but ephemeral raindrops that dissolve upon hitting concrete, disseminating into the unknown.
If I should be so weak still, I would have let myself be carried away in such sorrow,
in such despair that even the clouds shed tears.
Into the darkness yet again, of a past that troubles for scrutiny, and a future that knows nothing yet.
Running in circles in my mind, crawling deeper into black, shutting it all away,
drenched in cowardliness.
But, on a day like today, when nothing could seem more powerful than this moment, than this here day as I lay in bed, right now, and hear the teardrops crash but refuse to listen. Refuse to be swept away. Refuse to relinquish my power. On this morning that is, life is filled with so many possibilities.
Today the rain, it makes me smile.
The cold breeze that comes in through my window that I refuse to close but instead,
take control of the situation.
That cold breeze it warms my heart, like rain breeze has never done before.
Like warm fire that was waiting to be unleashed.
The crashing waves pass right through me, like water is supposed to.
It’s translucent.
It’s no longer powerful over me but delicate like a whisper that I blow away.
Today, those tears of rain filled with contempt, crash and fall against my soul.
Are nothing against my fierce body, and my mind does not even bother.
Because on a day like today, I will not be sucked away in compulsive mind nonsense, but instead, stand tall against the violent waves of this morning rain, impervious.
Like a huge, solid, strong rock.
The rain droplets slide off me left and right.
My surface is too smooth to hold on to them too long and I simply watch them fall, hit the ground, and crash.
Vanishing into nothing and this time, I am not coming along.
I stand.
Unmoved, amused, empowered, and only ever so slightly wet.

Gabriela López de Dennis is a Los Angeles based writer, artist, and producer. Check her out at http://gabrielalopezdedennis.com/

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