Playing with Trains: How My Son Taught Me a Life Lesson

When was the last time you learned something from watching a child's imagination run wild? 

Yesterday I took my one year old son to our local bookstore and let him play with the toy trains.  In the children's section, there was a short table topped with wooden tracks, a colorful painted landscape, and train cars for youngsters to enjoy.

Even though it was a clever marketing tool (the train, tracks, and other accessories were sold there), my son enjoyed playing with it and letting his imagination run loose.  He watched in amazement as other kids moved the train cars around the wooden curves.  It was delightful watching him having a great time walking around the table while pushing the little wooden train along the tracks.

After about an hour, he finally slowed down and did something different.  He took the train off the table and started playing with it on the floor.  I thought to myself, "Huh, trains are supposed to be on its tracks."

I was about to correct him, but before I could he gave me a puzzled look.  It was as if he knew what I was going to do and was tryin to tell me, "Why not?"

Then it hit me: he was right.  This little bundle of joy didn't see the purpose of limiting the toy train to only its wooden track.  He had the train go where he wanted it to go.  To him, it made sense to explore other possibilities.

For me, it was a lesson learned.  He reminded me to not just think outside the box, but also outside the wooden tracks.  No one should be limited in their direction in life; people should be able to go as far as their imagination can take them.

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