How a Moment Can Change Everything

Anything can happen in a moment.  In fact, everything that has ever happened has happened in a moment. 

In one moment, a person's life can change forever.  Someone can meet her/his soulmate.  A person could come across an ad for a job opening that could develop into a career.  Through serendipity, anyone can recognize an unexpected opportunity and seize it.

All these moments could happen, and if they did, can only happen in the present. 

This is why I show up to class every day to teach high school English with the mind set that anything can happen.  On any given day, any lesson, discussion, or interaction can have a significant impact on any of my students.  This is also the reason why I enter every class with as much hope as I can arm myself.

I come every day with the hope that someone (hopefully more) will be inspired.  Maybe someone will spark a love of learning.  There is always a possibility that they will be motivated to push themselves harder and farther than they ever have before. 

There are exactly 86,400 seconds in each day.  Each second is a moment for something great to happen.

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