How I Would Convince a Dying Tree to Live

There is a tree outside that has wilted and withered with time.  It solemnly stands by the road as people pass by. 

It's almost at its end. 

If it could hear me, I'd tell it that it needs to live.  We need it to live.  We need it for oxygen, shade, and as a constant reminder of the beauty of nature.  Animals need it for a home, nutrition, and to help balance the ecosystem.  It needs to see what the world is becoming and experience what tomorrow has to offer.  It may not realize it, but it has so much more left to give in this world.  I'd tell it that it needs to hold on for one more day and it needs to tell itself that daily.

This world is slowly becoming covered in concrete more and more every single day.  What natural wonders still exist need to not just live, but thrive!

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