Everyday Elegance

With more pictures nowadays being in high definition or 3D, it's easy to forget how beautiful black and white pictures are.  There is a fine splendor about them.  Here are some black and white photography showcasing the elegance that we see every day.


  1. When the world around us is abundant we don't see what we have and more often take things for granted. Being human we notice when things are lacking, it motivates us to seek out more. Everyday we see the most amazing sights full of color and awe, we see photographs in magazines, full of detail, edited and retouched in order to draw our attentions. But in the end it is the black and white photo that simply captivates us, not because of what is in it, but because of what it lacks.

    1. Thanks. That's so insightful and deep. I don't think I'll look at black and white photos the same anymore.


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