Dear Son: You Can Be a Superhero

Dear Son,

I want you to know that when you grow up, you can be a superhero.  When you wore your superhero shirt with a cape today, you had no idea how adorable you were.  Even though you probably didn't fully understand what you were wearing, I want you to live as if you were really a superhero.

When I was little, I loved watching them on TV.  I watched Spider-man, Batman, and Superman use their unique talents and abilities to save the world from doom.  I found something really inspiring about that.  As I grew up, I played with action figures, pretended to be them, and aspired to be like them when I became older. 

Now that I'm older, I've seen how my quest to selflessly work for the greater good has impacted my life and others.  I want you to have those same values and experiences.  I want you to hold on to your superheroic dreams as long as you can. 

I want you to believe that there is good in the world, that no matter what happens, all people are inherently good.  I want you to be able to imagine a world without senseless violence, cruelty, and starvation.  I want you to believe that love, peace, and understanding are more powerful than any form of greed or hate; that a world with endless possibilities is always possible. 

I want you to always act with courage and fight for what you believe in your heart is right.  Act with your mind, heart, and soul in harmonious governance.  Eliminate ignorance with enlightenment.  You have no idea how much potential you have in you.  Dare yourself daily to be a catalyst for a better world.  You have unique talents and abilities that are waiting to unfold.

You are my inspiration every day; you are my superhero.



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