Why I Want My Son to Be Whoever He Wants for Halloween

Halloween has already hit stores and it's still September!  While running errands the other day, I was shocked at how many Halloween costumes and decorations were already for sale.  (There were also Christmas decorations being sold, so I guess Thanksgiving is being skipped over this year.)  My wife and I strolled through looking for outfits that our one year old son could wear.  Like many young parents, we were excited to have our son join in this year's Halloween festivities.

Since he was only a month and a half old last year, our we didn't dress up our son, which is why this year is really exciting.  As we shopped through the aisles, I reminisced about all the Halloweens I dressed up as a kid; now I get to experience it all over again through my "mini-me." 

There was an abundance of various outfits.   For boys/guys of all ages there were Batman, Spiderman, and Ninja Turtle costumes.  In order to be an Avenger; all one had to do was wear the Iron Man face mask or wear the Hulk gloves.  For young toddlers, there were dragon, monkey, lion costumes, and other animal attire.  There was so much selection that the hard part was actually deciding on a Halloween costume for our son.

My wife and I browsed and browsed through the selection.  We even let our son explore what was there.  Since he is only one year old, we made the final decision for him.  We ended up getting him a dragon costume. (It's really adorable, but personally, I think the Ninja Turtle outfit would've been awesome.)   

I want to teach my son that he can be anything he wants to be in life. As young as he is, (and I know it's just his second Halloween) I know that picking what he wears or who he gets to be for Halloween affects how he learns that.  If I had him dress up as a superhero (it's a typical boy thing to wear), I'd teach him, even on a miniscule level, that I want him to be a typical boy and this is how he should be.  In future Halloweens, I want him to be able to choose whichever costume he wants because I want him to be whoever he wants to be; not just for Halloween, but especially in life.

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