How Sneaky is My 11 Month Old Kid?

In my eyes, my 11 month old son is a genius. I'm sure that every parent thinks that their child is smarter than average, but I know I'm right (my parental instinct says so). 
He is already verbalizing; he can say "mama" and "dad." When he says, "Dad dad dad, dadadad?" while holding a book he means, "Can you read this to me?"  He also has an understanding of vocabulary words such as moon, book, and (arguably most important) no. 
Like many children his age, he has a strong emotional attachment to his parents.  He loves doing everything with his mom and me.  When one of us is absent, he cries in hopes to tug at our emotional heart-strings and get my wife or me to appear. 

One of my most heartbreaking memories was when I was leaving for work in the morning.  My son was awake and playing in the living room.  After I kissed my wife and him goodbye I walked out the front door.  As I was closing it, I saw my son realize I was leaving, cried loudly in heartbreak, and crawled as fast as he could to the door in a desperate attempt to keep me home.  It was tough closing the door on him, but I had to go to work (it's kind of important to get the bills paid).

Now one of his favorite toys are my keys.  Sure, it's a makeshift rattle, but I suspect he might have a subversive strategy in mind.  He loves to grab my keys, shake it like a musical instrument, and bring it with him all over the house.  Once in a while my keys go "missing" and I have to play an Easter egg hunt in my living room.  My son could be sneakier than he looks. 

This might be his way attempting to keep me at home and away from work.  It's clever and sweet, yet misguided gesture; or he could simply be a kid who likes to play with shiny metal objects that jingle and I'm reading too much into this.

What do you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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