How I Effectively Self-Evaluate My Day with 3 Simple Questions

Every day is full of opportunity to be extraordinary or mediocre.  Each passing day is another chance to fill the blank page of our day with something wonderful written in it.  These three questions help me maximize my potential, happiness, and satisfaction:

1.  "What did I do today?"
What I was able to accomplish is a reflection of my job performance, my work ethic, and my character.  The key for me is knowing how many and what kind of tasks were completed correctly and in a timely manner.  I focus more on being productive rather than on "being busy."  This also applies to my home life just as much as it does to my career.

2.  "How did I help people today?"
I show up to work to not just earn a paycheck, but also to do meaningful work that benefits society.  Since I'm an educator, I often reflect on my students' improvement.  I also think about helping my colleagues, parents, people who email me, anyone who I talk to on the phone, and anyone I interact with.  As a husband and father, this question helps me be the best person I can be for my family.

3.  "How can I make tomorrow better?"
One of my favorite sayings is "make today's ceiling tomorrow's ground floor."  No matter how good or great today was, tomorrow has the potential to be infinitely better.  Tomorrow I will be a better husband for my wife, an improved father for my son, and a finer teacher for my students.  Successful people always the ones that see tomorrow full of hope and optimism.   

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