Having a Bad Day? Try This.

Yesterday I felt like the world conspired against me.  Nothing seemed to go right.  Tragedy after tragedy occurred right after each other.  On top of that, I was physically and emotionally drained from a busy work day.

I go to great lengths to ensure that I don't take my frustrations out on other people, so I usually bottle it until I find a safe and healthy way of releasing it.  So I took out a pad of paper and wrote out of my frustrations. 

On paper, I just let it all out.  It was as if this paper was my psychologist and punching bag rolled into one.  I didn't think about punctuation, spelling, or any type editing.  I wrote out every little piece of frustration and anger that plagued my soul knowing that no one would be reading it. 

After 30 minutes and two pages of venting, I felt better; A WHOLE LOT BETTER. 

Then I ripped out all of my frustrations from the notepad, crumpled it up, and threw it away.  It symbolized putting all the negativity behind me.

Now I have blank pad of paper, just like I have a fresh start today.


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