Bored and Broke? The Ultimate Reason to Visit the Library

A couple days ago I took my son to our local public library to check out some children's books.  Since he loves books (flipping through them and being read to), I often take him there to explore, play around, and borrow books to devour at home.

I've loved the library since I was a kid.  I first went there on a first grade field trip.  I was in awe of everything that was there.  I couldn't believe that we could use everything there for free and actually bring their books home (also for free).

During my elementary years, my dad would take me to the library after school to do my homework once in a while.  If I was good and finished all my homework, he would let me browse and pick out a book that he would happily check out for me.  I must say these experiences helped instill in me a love of literature and a sense of awe of how much information is out there in the world. 

Thinking back on my last visit, the library really is an amazing place.  It's like a free bookstore that helps me reduce my clutter at home since I have to return the books.  Also, since there is a deadline (about two weeks) to return whatever I borrow, it pressures me to read and finish books in a timely manner. 

Libraries certainly have changed since I was in first grade.  It has modernized with technology (computers have replaced card catalogs online databases are replacing microfiche).  It has become more of community resource centers than a place just to rent used books.  Here is the main reason to visit your local public library: FREE SERVICES.

Besides renting books for free, there are a multitude of services that might be available at your local library (hours and services vary in different areas).  Many libraries have free after school tutoring, free computer labs, story time theater for kids, information on public services, and community events.  On hot summer days it's a relaxing place to cool off.  It's a quiet and peaceful place to study, lounge, and do some leisure reading.

In this economic recession, free is good. 

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