Why Words are Awesome!

  • It's the reason why people become poets, journalists, and authors.
  • Words are the reason William Shakespeare is a literary immortal.
  • They are why people read the lyrics to a song as they listen to it.
  • It's the reason why people go to poetry readings; especially with a pen and paper.
  • Words are what makes languages beautiful.
  • It's why people debate about the true meaning of a poem, song, or a quote.
  • Words express what we can imagine.
  • They are what makes poetry flow.
  • It's the reason why people keep journals.
  • They allow people to communicate in evolving ways.
  • Words are why people still go to bookstores.
  • They are the reason why people don't mind listening to their favorite song over and over again.
  • It's why people flock to book festivals and book signings.
  • They are why a text is sometimes more than just a text.
  • Words make songs merge thoughts with sound.
  • It's why love letters are so lovely.
  • They are the reason why good books today will still be good books tomorrow.

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