Why Every Morning is a Good Morning

I used to think that only Sunday mornings were the best mornings.  It was a day I had off, got to sleep in, and for some reason, everything appeared more pleasant than usual.  The sun seemed to shine brighter, everything from the wind to how people interacted also seemed to be much calmer.  On Sunday mornings, the streets looked as if there was less traffic and people appeared to be a little more cheerful.

Monday mornings are what many people dread the most.  It signifies the end of the weekend and the start of the work week.  It connotates a commute, traffic long hours, and for some, captivity.

Since yesterday was Sunday, I told my wife, "This is a good morning." as we walked outside.  She frankly replied, "Every morning is a good morning."

After much mental debate, I came to the conclusion that she was right (this time).  Every morning that I wake up is a good morning.  The simple fact that I woke up is something to be thankful for.  Every morning I spend with my family is a good morning; they make it that way.  The weekday mornings I commute to work are good mornings since I have a job to drive to.  I really don't have a reason to not call each morning "good."

I guess it really is all about perspective.  Today, Monday morning, is a good morning.

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