Love and Chicken

"I make it with love." is what Tita, the protagonist in the movie Like Water for Chocolate (I know it's based on a book), says when she is asked by others why her food tastes so good.  That line has stuck with me ever since I saw it.  It made sense to me; make food with whole-hearted effort, passion, and focus and the food will have to taste delicious.  Now every time I cook, whether it be for myself or others, I make it with love.

For dinner tonight, I decided to make chicken.  Specifically, I made baked barbeque chicken wings (see picture) and tofu "chicken" wings for my lovely vegetarian wife.  I made both dishes with love and care knowing it would nourish both of us physically and it would be something we would have a great dinner conversation over. 

Even though I eat meat and she doesn't, it doesn't affect the way I love her.  I know that being a vegetarian isn't that popular in society, but I stand behind her decision to be one no matter what (even if I have to cook with tofu almost daily).  When she cooks for me, she makes what she knows will make me happy (and vice versa).  The food that that we cook for each other is always made with love; and that's what matters the most.   

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