How Writing Soothes My Soul

Writing soothes the soul.  I can see why people become poets, novelists, songwriters, journalists, and literary artists.  Putting pen to paper gives me the possibility to bring out my thoughts and emotions.  Depending on the situation and how I feel, I can keep my words private or share it with the entire world.

It has been a fantastic experience writing for Nourishment Notes.  I've been able to share some insights and life lessons I've learned so far.  It's been an ideal intellectual, emotional, and artistic outlet for me.  I've gotten to "spread goodness" to thousands of readers around the world through my words.  I like to imagine that everyone who reads the articles I write are fulfilled in some way and even possibly empowered in ways beyond my imagination.

Writing has nourished me personally and knowing that my literary art has touched others in positive ways brings me additional satisfaction.  I write for me, but most of all, I write for everyone in the world I'm in.

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  1. Exactly! I always feel calmer, more focused and happier after I have written creatively.It is also rewarding to know that my words and thoughts brought a smile, encouragment or advice to someone. I love the connection writing creates between author and reader.


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