How I Live My Life like a TV Star

Life is too short to take everything too seriously.  I'll admit, plenty of times I consider myself a serious person.  I take my family, career, and other obligations pretty seriously.  With everything else, I treat it very playfully.

When I drive to work, I pretend I'm on The Amazing Race taking a road trip around the world.  When I'm at work, I imagine my colleagues and I are characters on The Office. (There really should be a sitcom based on us.)  During lunch I pretend I'm a food critic, like a judge on Top Chef (not Kitchen Nightmares), as I try, taste, and test the culinary creations of the local eateries. 

At home, I don't get any more serious, seriously.  When I cook dinner, I imagine myself in an episode of Iron Chef America as I create the best tasting (and looking) meal in a short amount of time (without the Alton Brown commentary of course).  When it's time to clean up around the house, I envision myself as my own version of Ty Pennington and give my home an extreme makeover.

Even though I won't be surrounded by adoring fans or chased by the paparazzi, imagine does make life a whole of a lot more fun.

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