How Baking Brownies Turned Me into a Time Traveler

Yesterday I made brownies for the first time in a long time.  It was delicious; the chocolate delicacy was fresh out of the oven and the molten fudge texture can't be beaten.  On top of the fudge brownie was an additional layer of chocolate.  It could be considered chocolate overload, but some people may argue that there is no such thing.

Making brownies made me feel like a kid again.  Brownies were one of the first treats I learned to make.  Even though it wasn't from scratch (I learned from following the directions on the box), I enjoyed making them as much as eating and sharing them.

In 6th grade, I had a class project where we had to make a culinary creation by baking.  It was a project we had to bring to class and share.  We also had to list instructions of how we made it, swap recipes with a partner, and make our partner's dish.  We had to bring in our product and compare it with our partner's original offering.

Even back then, I was a little innovator.  I thought I would make my brownies unique, more moist, and extra delicious if I added milk.  The brownies came out fluffy, so fluffy that my classmates told me that they weren't brownies at all; they were pieces of chocolate cake!

When my partner made brownies using my recipe, he didn't add extra milk (he probably followed the directions on the box EXACTLY), and my classmates agreed that those were what brownies were supposed to be. (For the record, I'm sure that my lemon poppy seed muffins were better than his.)

Even though my brownies turned into chocolate cake, it was a fun experience that helped me develop a love of cooking and sharing.  Now as an adult, I like learning more and more about food, experimenting with recipes, and sharing the deliciousness with people around me.

But for right now, I'm just going to enjoy these brownies.

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