4 Ways Finding a House is a lot like Dating

The more I house hunt, the more I realize that shopping for a house is a lot like dating.  Finding the right house to live in and finding the right person to be with aren't quite the same, but there is a lot of coincidental overlap.  This is what I've found so far:

Timing makes a huge difference on opportunity.
I've been looking for a house for about five months.  What is available depends on when I'm looking.  Houses come and go off the market every day and some are sold much faster than others.  The houses that are available now might be drastically different than the ones available a few weeks from now.

The same is true for dating.  Sometimes people are single, sometimes they're in a relationship.  Other times, people are single, but don't want to be in a relationship.  Timing affects one's window of opportunity.

Appearances can be deceiving.
On the journey so far, I've found some houses that looked great on the outside, but were trashy on the inside.  Those houses needed some work done before anybody could move in.  Some house listings looked like great deals on paper, but when I went to go actually see them, they weren't. 

People can have as much depth an ocean or as shallow as a puddle.  A person can have a charismatic personality, eye popping looks, both, or neither.  It's hard to know unless you actually see for yourself.

There will be disappointment and heartache.
In my five month adventure, I've only put in one offer, and it looks like it's not going to be accepted.  My agent told me that there are other multiple offers; some are higher and include a larger down payment.  I've wanted to put in five other offers, but for some logistical reasons, those properties were unavailable.  I've encountered really nice houses in not-so-nice areas and houses that were broken down in really nice areas.  Sometimes I try not to get my hopes up to emotionally prepare myself for any disappointment, but I know it's a part of the home buying experience.

In dating relationships, it is almost impossible to avoid disappointment and heartache.  There is the disappointment of the person you are interested in either already being in a relationship or saying no when being asked out.    Breakups, for any and all reasons, affect both parties.  It causes emotional stress.  Even if the breakup was mutual and both people are better off apart, there is still an emotional impact that can't be avoided.  That's when romantic comedies, ice cream, beer, and guys/girls night out come into play. 

When you find the right one, it's worth enduring the adventure.
Even though I haven't found it yet, I know the right house for me is out there.  I haven't given up hope.  When I find the right one, it'll have the right balance of price, size, and quality of neighborhood.  It'll be a great place to raise a family and build memories in.  Finding the right one will be worth it.

The same is true for relationships.  When you find the right one, you'll know.  Finding the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with, start a family with (if you want to), and create a lifetime's worth of memories is worth all the effort, heartache, and patience. 

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