Thinking Beyond the Clouds

Outside view of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA.
I remember going to the Griffith Observatory as a kid and being amazed at all the displays on everything beyond the sky.  Luckily, I was able to visit once again with my family a few weeks ago.  The observatory has been renovated since I was last there, and I was fascinated with what I saw.  My wife and I were showing our nine month old son models of planets, asteroids, and even got to see a moon rock up close.

Even though he is really young, what I really want my son to gain from this experience is the ability to think big and think outside of his normal point of view.  Outer space is something that we don't see with our naked eyes on a daily basis.  To study outer space requires using our imagination to think about what we can't sense directly.  It challenges us to think beyond our individual daily realities.

Tourists exploring models of the planets in the solar system.

Maybe that's why science fiction shows and movies like Star Trek are so popular.  They show humanity with advancements in technology and space exploration.  It's an idea of what can be possible.

When my son is older, my wife and I will take him to the observatory again and more often.  Hopefuly he will be able to truly aim higher than the stars.

A close up view of an actual rock from the moon.

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