Teaching Virtues (not vices)

A couple weeks ago, I was at a baptism and once again given the honor of being a godfather.  Baptism is a Christian (specifically Catholic in this case) ritual for religious purification.  Watching my new goddaughter being baptized was a really remarkable thing.  Water was poured over her forehead to cleanse her from sin.  It was a way to give this baby a spiritual new beginning.

As her godfather, I promised to support her and her parents in guiding her spirtual path.  I was now part of a team that pledged to show her the way to heaven. 

It made me think a lot about sins and vices.  Growing up, she will be exposed to ignorance, hate, greed, and other dark aspects of humanity.  She will see blatant racism.  She will see that on the playground and in life not everybody plays fair.  She will see people's inhumanity to others.  On the plus side, she will also see love, hope, and compassion.   As humans, we all have both virtues and vices, and I hope that she learns more virtues than vices into her character.

As a (god)father, educator, and human being, I try my best more and more every day to set an example for younger generations.  I teach through my example.  Hate, prejudice, and other vices are taught, but thankfully so are virtues.

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