Savoring Santa Monica Beach

I love the summer time.  Santa Monica Beach is one of my favorite coastal playgrounds.  The combination of the two make the essential summer experience for me.

There is something about being there that makes it almost magical.  When I was there the other day, it was almost perfect.  Walking barefoot on the warm sand as it exfoliated my feet made me feel like I was more connected with nature.  I always want to fly a kite when I feel the ocean breeze blow around me.  Standing in the sunshine made me thankful for the beautiful California weather that I got to enjoy.  Seeing how large the sky was made me imagine how big the world really is and that I am just one part of it.  Watching the waves crash on shore was mesmerizing and theraputic.  I could watch that for hours.  Standing on the shore as the cool water passed over my feet reminded me that water doesn't come from just bottles and faucets.  All of the action on the pier screamed of pure summer fun.

I can't wait to go back again (hopefully before summer is over).

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