Ode to Super Moms (especially my wife)

My wife is a super mom.  For the past few days, she has taken care of our sick son and me.  We both got sick around the same time and without hesitation, she did everything that was needed to fully take care of us.  In the past, it was hard enough to care for a sick baby.  I can't imagine how hard it was for her to single handedly care for our son and me while retaining her sanity.  The best part is, she did it all without complaining; not even once.

My cousin Rose and her husband have five kids: four boys and one girl.  Her house reminds me of the Brady Bunch because there is always something going on.  If you were to ever meet her, it would be obvious that she is definitely a super mom.  When people ask her, "How do you do it with five kids?", she simply responds, "I just do it. I have no choice."

Being a super mom is a selfless commitment.  Life becomes more about your family than yourself.  It's a job that you can't call in sick for, take a vacation from, or quit.  A lot of people (myself included) don't understand how difficult motherhood is.  Moms are underrated.  Celebrating Mother's Day once a year isn't enough.  That's why I'd like to simply say, "Thank you." to all the super moms out there today and every day.

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