My Life Stories in Six Words

When I first discovered Twitter, I was amazed what people could do with messages/tweets that were 140 characters or less. In 2010, Twitter was used as a mass communication tool in Iran during their revolution. In the United States, celebrities, politicians, and everyday people had a voice on the same field in the online Twitter universe.

A while back, I had a Twitter phase where I would spend my day figuring out how to brilliantly express myself in less than 140 characters. Most of the time I felt it was impossible. The ideas I wanted to shout out to the world couldn't fit in a tweet. If I did fit it in a tweet, I found my messages to be simplistic.

I wonder what novelist Ernest Hemingway would have tweeted. According to literary legend, he was asked to write a narrative using only six words. He wrote: "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn. This tale inspired the Six Word Memoir Project by SMITH Magazine. People are challenged to write a memoir in exactly six words; no more, no less.  So I took on the challenge of writing my own Six Word Memoirs about six different phases of my life:

Reality versus Fantasy: imagination rules everything.

Growing Up:
Art and Life, wrestling each other.

Will work for a good Life.

One man, big world; getting along.

At last, I found my Destiny.

Rise, rush, and rest. Then repeat.

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