Thriving (Yes, I can!)

There is absolutely nothing like a person succeeding when the odds is against her/him. We like stories like that. We watch movies about it.  We use these stories to inspire ourselves and others.

Last night I was at a graduation for Options For Youth (OFY) Public Charter Schools. They specialize in academic recovery and provide an alternative setting for students who don't fit in traditional high school.

The students who go to OFY attend for various reasons. Many of them were on the verge of dropping out of school. It's not uncommon to encounter students with parents who didn't graduate from high school, suffer from substance abuse, or are physically and mentally abusive. A lot are teen parents or have to work to help support their family. Others just want an individualized alternative to their community public school.

For most of the students I saw last night, the odds were against them, but they succeeded. Many of them thanked their parents and their teachers as an essential factor of their success.

As they walked, their faces were lit up with utmost pride. Watching them graduate was really inspirational. They were the roses that grew from concrete.

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