The Social Power of Food

I like making food (see picture of cinnamon coffee cake). It's a fun and tasty hobby. I like the process of taking ingredients and using tools (my favorite is my cast iron skillet) to make something delicious with them.

The process makes the finished product more satisfying and subliminally way more tasty. It's a personal way of nourishing myself.

It's also another way of giving. By cooking, I'm giving others the basic nutrients for living. There is something really fulfilling about that. I'm also making them happy by fulfilling their appetites and tantalizing their taste buds.

What I really love about cooking is that it brings people together. Recipes are one way to pass down family traditions. Families use mealtimes to gather around each other to share both food and each other's company. Food is considered an essential part of major celebrations: weddings, banquets, etc. People gather at restaurants for all different occasions: dates, business meetings, or for friendly conversations.

I love cooking for my family. I love making my wife happy while satisfying her appetite. She often prefers our home cooked meals over going out to eat. (We do go out on dinner dates once in a while though.) When she cooks for me, I can feel the love she puts into the food. And there is something more personal about having a home cooked meal with friends when they come over.

Food has the power to nourish people physically and socially.

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