Reminder: Breathing is Important

"Don't forget to breathe" is what I usually say to someone that I see is stressed out or overwhelmed.  It's my simple way of supporting them with words of encouragement.  During times of distress, I want them to be able to step back, take a breath, relax, recover, refocus, and get back in the game. 

Lately, I've had to take my own advice.  Responsibilities for work and just life in general can be really overwhelming.  I remind myself of one of the "Life Laws" of Dr. Phil: Life is managed; it is not cured.  Obstacles will always be coming my way, I just need to get better at handling them. 

Personal time to think, reflect, and process my thoughts and emotions are vital for maintaining my mental and emotional sanity.  So once again, I must remind myself:

"Don't forget to breathe."

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