Not Your Mom's, Dad's, or Uncle's Fry Bread

The Three Sisters Veggie fry bread.
If you've never had Native American fry bread before, you're missing out.  At pow wows I've been to in the past, it always seemed that this fried pastry, usually topped with powdered sugar, was the public's most popular food of choice.

Today I was at Neighborhood Christian Fellowship's weekly food truck event (Thursdays 5-9pm) with my family and I was amazed with Auntie's Fry Bread Truck.  It took the concept of traditional Native American fry bread and married it with contemporary flavors. 

The fry bread is flat, and is topped with various ingredients, like a taco.  They have savory dishes and sweet ones for dessert.  I had the Three Sisters Veggie, which was fry bread topped with grilled squash, onions, corn (those are the three sisters), with black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese.  My wife and I thought it was absolutely delicious.  The flavors merged well together while the hot and crispy fry bread provided comforting texture.  For dessert, we had another fry bread topped with honey and powdered sugar (supposedly a pow wow favorite). 
Auntie's Fry Bread Truck.
I'm always inspired by people who take existing concepts and merge them with new ideas.  Auntie's "Native American Fusion" was a delicious way of sharing a little bit of Native American culture with all of us.

Fry bread topped with honey and powdered sugar.

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